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Robin `ypid` Schneider

Hi there. I am Robin `ypid` Schneider. I have been using (Debian) GNU/Linux as my main OS since August 2009 and am working as a IT Consultant since 2012 mainly deploying and advocating Free and open-source software :) Check https://stackoverflow.com/cv/ypid for a brief overview and my CV.

I came to DebOps shortly after I settled on Ansible as my configuration management system of choice for my private infrastructure because DebOps is the most comprehensive approach to CM for Debian GNU/Debian I could find. Since then (2015-02) I am using it for most of my machines and various projects at work and am quite happy with it!

As every good sysadmin should know what he/she is doing and CM is an essential tool for every good sysadmin I committed myself to review every CM component and all changes to those components before running them in production. Refer to https://github.com/ypid/ypid-ansible-common/ for more details.

At work, as I am working with many different customers and IT environments, I am not managing one data center with DebOps but instead small pieces in multiple environments. My main focus is on Monitoring, ownCloud and the IT of schools.

In my spare time, I am using DebOps and Ansible to also manage desktop workstations and am releasing Ansible roles for this under my personal namespace on Ansible Galaxy. Those roles mostly meet the DebOps quality standards and can be integrated with DebOps projects.

Besides this, I enjoy to write Free Software which you can mostly find on GitHub these days.


All my software is GPG signed since 2014-06-19. If it is not signed by one of my OpenPGP keys then it is not from me.

See debops-keyring.