Maciej Delmanowski (drybjed)

Hi, I'm Maciej, author of DebOps. I started using Linux in 2001, and since 2006 I work as a professional system administrator. For me DebOps is a way to put everything I know about managing servers in a reusable, scriptable form.


I'm using GnuPG/PGP keys more frequently these days. All of my recent code and activity on GitHub is signed, and you can use the GPG keys below for contact if needed.

You can use my profile to verify my GPG key using other services.

pub   4096R/0x2DCCF53E9BC74BEC 2014-09-29 [expires: 2017-09-28]
      Key fingerprint = 2706 7A91 D620 EE91 D503  09D9 2DCC F53E 9BC7 4BEC
uid                 [ultimate] Maciej Delmanowski <>
sub   2048R/0x375A77ECA0A04619 2014-09-29 [expires: 2017-09-28]
sub   2048R/0x86A60FB6621F0457 2014-09-29 [expires: 2017-09-28]
sub   2048R/0x6029C537287A0BE0 2014-09-29 [expires: 2017-09-28]