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 +===== Wiki Roadmap =====
 +Here you can find and add things which should be included on this Wiki. Right now there'​s no structure planned yet, so feel free to add things you would like to see.
 +Main idea behind this wiki is to compliment the [[http://​docs.debops.org/​|docs.debops.org]] site. DebOps is designed as a general-purpose data center management tool, which then is customized to fit specific needs. Different people use the project in their own infrastructure,​ which also contains infrastructure-specific documentation somewhere. You can use this wiki to write down general documentation about data center managed by the project.
 +Remember that information stored here is available publicly. Do not write down specific information about your site if you don't want to be exposed - don't write passwords, use [[https://​tools.ietf.org/​html/​rfc5737|IPv4]] and [[https://​tools.ietf.org/​html/​rfc3849|IPv6]] subnet prefixes and [[https://​tools.ietf.org/​html/​rfc2606|domains]] reserved for documentation.
 +Similar sites that can be used as inspiration for the things that should be written in DebOps Wiki:
 +  * [[http://​www.infrastructures.org/​]]
 +  * [[http://​infrastructure.blueprint.org/​Home]]
 +  * [[http://​www.planetlarg.net/​]]
 +==== Wiki namespaces ====
 +Proposed namespaces that should be used for the Wiki pages:
 +  * ''​[[host:​|host:​]]''​ - design and documentation of a host (physical, virtual machine, container) of a basic building block of DebOps-based infrastructure
 +  * ''​[[cluster:​|cluster:​]]''​ - design and documentation of groups of host combined in various ways
 +  * ''​[[ansible:​|ansible:​]]''​ - documentation centered around Ansible, best practices, suggestions about writing playbooks and roles
 +  * ''​[[service:​|service:​]]''​ - documentation related to a particular services like DNS, web server, SMTP, LDAP, with subpages about software as needed
 +  * ''​[[project:​|project:​]]''​ - namespace for other projects based on DebOps