Wiki Roadmap

Here you can find and add things which should be included on this Wiki. Right now there's no structure planned yet, so feel free to add things you would like to see.

Main idea behind this wiki is to compliment the site. DebOps is designed as a general-purpose data center management tool, which then is customized to fit specific needs. Different people use the project in their own infrastructure, which also contains infrastructure-specific documentation somewhere. You can use this wiki to write down general documentation about data center managed by the project.

Remember that information stored here is available publicly. Do not write down specific information about your site if you don't want to be exposed - don't write passwords, use IPv4 and IPv6 subnet prefixes and domains reserved for documentation.

Similar sites that can be used as inspiration for the things that should be written in DebOps Wiki:

Wiki namespaces

Proposed namespaces that should be used for the Wiki pages:

  • host: - design and documentation of a host (physical, virtual machine, container) of a basic building block of DebOps-based infrastructure
  • cluster: - design and documentation of groups of host combined in various ways
  • ansible: - documentation centered around Ansible, best practices, suggestions about writing playbooks and roles
  • service: - documentation related to a particular services like DNS, web server, SMTP, LDAP, with subpages about software as needed
  • project: - namespace for other projects based on DebOps