Derivative projects

DebOps can be used as a base for other Ansible-based projects to build upon. Here are a few projects that use DebOps roles and playbooks:


The Drupsible Project, managed by Mariano Barcia, uses DebOps as a deployment platform for Drupal applications.

DebOps for WordPress

The DebOps for WordPress project, maintained by Carl Alexander, provides a custom set of playbooks and roles that can be run on top of DebOps to deploy a secure WordPress site.


ypid-ansible-common is a git repository which bundles all the building blocks of config management code that ypid uses. The building blocks are included as git submodules. The repository can be thought of an alternative and more generic (not limited to DebOps roles) form of distributing and updating config management related assets (Ansible playbooks, roles, inventory presets and more) in an end-to-end authenticated way. The repo also bundles a script to review and pull down the latest changes of the git submodules.