DebOps inventory layout

Due to the playbooks provided by the project considered “read only” to make updates easier, it's a good idea to pick good host definition in the hosts variable of each playbook. Since there are many playbooks, synchronization is a must.

Here you can find names of the host groups used by DebOps. This list is not yet used by the project, right now it's just a proposal which might be implemented.

Main groups

These host groups are expected to be in all Ansible inventories.


This host group contains all hosts in the inventory managed by DebOps.


Each playbook related to a service managed by DebOps has its own host group (some playbooks will be executed on all DebOps hosts). This should help prevent installing and configuring services on wrong hosts.

Example inventory

These are example Ansible inventories which can be used with DebOps playbooks.

Simple set of hosts


Multiple groups of hosts


Inventory with Ansible Controller managed by DebOps

[debops_all_hosts] ansible_connection=local