Alternative projects

If you like the idea of infrastructure as code based on free software, but you don't want to use DebOps, or you prefer different configuration management applications than Ansible, or even different operating systems than Debian/Ubuntu, here's a list of possible alternatives you might find interesting.



Sovereign is a set of Ansible playbooks that you can use to build and maintain your own personal cloud based entirely on free software, so you’re in control.

LEAP Platform

The LEAP Platform is set of complementary packages and Puppet server recipes to automate the maintenance of LEAP services in a hardened Debian environment. Its goal is to make it as painless as possible for sysadmins to deploy and maintain a service provider's infrastructure for secure communication. These recipes define an abstract service provider. It is a set of Puppet modules designed to work together to provide to sysadmins everything they need to manage a service provider infrastructure that provides secure communication services.


Collection of integrated Ansible roles used to run LAN events. This repository consists of roles that are purpose-built, lean and as easy as possible to understand and modify. The roles are built to simplify and accelerate, not to obscure.

Red Hat/CentOS

System Integrity Management Platform

The System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP) is a Puppet-based framework designed around the concept that individuals and organizations should not need to repeat the work of automating the basic components of their operating system infrastructure.