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 +===== About the DebOps Project =====
 +The DebOps Project is a collaborative effort to create and manage a data center based on the [[https://​debian.org|Debian GNU/Linux]] universal operating system. To achieve that goal, the project uses [[https://​ansible.com|Ansible]] as a base Configuration Management platform with additional software such as custom Bash/Python scripts as necessary.
 +Some of the goals the project aims for include:
 +  * agnostic operation across multiple platforms, including physical hardware hosts, virtual machines and containers, as well as the ability to deploy hosts to as many service providers as possible;
 +  * management of production-ready environments,​ with focus on security, reliability and stability;
 +  * support for complete deployment process, starting with a bare-metal Debian base install and ending with application deployments with all the steps in between;
 +  * focus on multi-server and multi-host, clustered environments,​ with secure communication channels setup between the hosts in the cluster;
 +==== The team ====
 +  * [[wiki:​user:​drybjed|Maciej Delmanowski]] - founder, started the project in October 2013
 +  * [[wiki:​user:​nickjj|Nick Janetakis]] - joined the project in July 2014, wrote [[https://​github.com/​nickjj/​rolespec|rolespec]] and [[https://​github.com/​nickjj/​ansigenome|ansigenome]] to aid with the management of the growing codebase, as well as the first version of the project homepage.
 +  * [[wiki:​user:​ypid|Robin `ypid` Schneider]] - joined the project in February 2015. Author and maintainer of a few roles in DebOps and more in [[debops-contrib:​start|DebOps contrib]]. [[https://​github.com/​ypid/​ypid-ansible-common/​|Reviewing]] and [[https://​www.openhub.net/​p/​debops/​contributors/​summary|contributing]] to most of the core roles in DebOps. Focused on security, QA and documentation.